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circle03_skyblue.gif Same Day Funding

circle03_skyblue.gif Advance Rates that Exceed
   Industry Norms by 20%
   We offer cash advance rates up to 97%
   The typical maximum in the commercial factoring    industry is 80%.
   We can offer you higher advances because
   of our unique financing capabilities

circle03_skyblue.gif Flexible Contracts-

   We provide you with contracts
   that meet your cash flow needs,not ours.
   Unlike the others, we do not make
   you sign long-term contracts and we don't
   charge you fees when you are inactive.

circle03_skyblue.gif Invoice Processing
   Not only can we offer you the most
   advanced technolgy but we also maintain
   the old-fashioned systems because
   every client has different needs.
Receivable Financing

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Personalized Service
   You have one dedicated person and his
   or her assistant who handle your account.
   Unlike the others, with us you don't
   have to start over each time you call 
   with a new person

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What is commercial factoring?
In its simplest form, factoring is the purchase and sale of a company’s accounts receivable (invoices) at an amount less than (a discount of) the face value. (Example:  


Invoice Factoring Company


If the factoring discount is 3 percent, the invoice is being purchased for 97 cents on the dollar). This allows a company to convert its dormant assets — or invoices — into useable cash flow. It is not a loan.

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     [Factoring Loans  

    There are many situations where factoring loans can help business meet its cash flow needs. By providing a continuing source of operating capital without incurring debt, factoring can provide growth opportunities that can dramatically increase the bottom line. Virtually any business can benefit from factoring as part of its overall operating philosophy



    Factoring loans can provide alternative source of working capital

     Meet obligations on time.Paying vendors on time helps to establish a solid credit track record and allows for increased future credit limits from vendors as well as financial institutions.

      Offer credit terms to customers. Offering credit termsto customers is a common way to increase sales by making it easier for customers to buy.    Having financial backing to carry accounts receivable is essential if a business wants to be able to follow through on its commitments.     Reputable factors encourage managed growth by consulting with clients regarding exposures . and other risks when taking on new credit accounts.

    Setting up a factoring relationship is quick and easy compared to other forms of financing.    Applications simply call for basic company information and a customer list. Years of profitability are not required, which makes factoring an option for startups generating receivables. It is possible for funding to occur in as little as a couple of days after receipt of the application and invoices.





    In recent years, businesses have discovered that factoring services can combat the ups and owns of unpredictable cash-flow cycles and provide a viable source of working capital when conventional financing is not always an option.

    Factoring is the practice of purchasing unpaid invoices from a company for a small, face-value discount. Factors-these buyer-give instant cash for what they expect to receive later, and the sellers can increase their cash flow without the usual 15-,30- or 60-day wait for payment.

    For years, the bulk of factoring was predominately in the textile, furniture and apparel industries. Today, invoice-purchasing firms are working with all kinds of industries, including manufacturers, service providers, transportation companies and high-tech firms.


    The increase is mainly attributed to the credit crunch that began in the late 1980s. as the availability of bank commercial credit tightens, more businesses look toward alternative sources of financing to achieve growth. Factors can help those firms that banks often find difficult to approve, such as start-up companies whose growth outstrips cash. The primary focus in a factoring relationship is the credit-worthiness of the customers being invoiced and the client’s ability to produce a quality product or service.



    Accounts receivable purchasing is a potential tool for managing a provider organization's working capital needs. But before entering into a financing agreement, organizations need to consider and take steps to avoid serious problems that can arise from participation in an accounts receivable financing program.

    Financing through a securitization of receivables does not create a liability. An asset--the receivables--is sold for cash; no accounts receivable loan has been granted.

    invoice factoring company
    account receivable factoring
    accounts receivable financing

    There are many situations where a accounts receivable purchasing  funding can help a business meet its cash flow needs. It provides a continuing source of operating capital without incurring debt, which can result in growth opportunities that dramatically increase the bottom line. Virtually any business can benefit from factoring as part of its overall operating philosophy.

    Every good businessperson must understand the concept and benefits of commercial factoring in order to operate as profitably as possible. The following chart can help you understand the differences between factoring and other sources of funding.

    Accounts Receivable Purchasing Definition
    buy, purchase -- (obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction;  "The conglomerate acquired a new company"; "She buys for the big department store")
    invoice factoring
    freight factoring
    account receivable factoring


    More  factoring loans companies information

  • Factoring can offer many benefits to cash hungry companies. Instead of having to wait 30,60,90
  • days or longer for payment on a product or service that has already been delivered, a business
  • can factor (sell) its receivables for cash at a small discount off the fact amount of the invoice.
  • Payroll, marketing efforts, and working capital are just a few of the business needs that can be
  • met with this instant cash.
  • "There have been cases where I have seen factoring provide the means for a manufacturer to
  • replenish inventory and make more products to sell without having to wait for earlier sales to be
  • paid,". "Factoring isn't just a cash management tool for manufacturers. Almost any
  • type of business can benefit from factoring."
  • Factoring is especially appealing to young and rapidly growing companies. Since the process
  • shortens their business cycle, these businesses can grow faster. The ability to make more
  • products to sell while waiting for invoices to be paid is largely eliminated. Such businesses
  • usually net much more profit with factoring than without, even when the discount is considered.
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